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Social Service

Social Service

Social Service

Social services embraces activities such us health, water supply, education & infrastructure development. Development of infrastructure is not a priority for ASE because this requires a huge resource which ASE can not afford. The current trend in the country also tells that the government is paying adequate emphasis to this sector and ASE has to redirect its resource to more needy areas. The issues related to Education are also addressed under community education. This section therefore presents ASE role in the areas of health and rural water supply


The concentrated effort of the government and the support of the international communities to address the basic health services are commendable. That is, the health extension workers are assigned by the government (two per Kebele) to handle health education, family planning services and preventive treatment. Therefore, to avoid duplication, ASE will involve in enhancing the capacity of the government and facilitating community conversation to strengthen the preventive health care: Prevention and control of HIV and malaria epidemics; and Innovative community education initiatives on communicable disease, environmental and personal hygiene and sanitation and reproductive health.

Water Supply

With the aim of improving the health conditions of the community through improving access to safe and adequate drinking water and reducing workload of female and children, ASE will enhance the capacity of the government, CBIs and customary institutions in the provision of potable water.

Moreover, ASE would intervene in capacity building activities of local actors towards small scale irrigation development.
The following strategic elements will be used under this sector:

  • Making resources available and providing technical supports to the CBIs and customary institutions to help them facilitate the construction of springs and hand-dug wells;
  • Facilitates the provision of technical supports to the wereda water desk, particularly during the site selection, water quality tests, and training of community water committee and caretakers; and
  • Encourages and provides technical supports to CBIs and customary institutions to promote different water harvesting technologies such as roof water harvesting in areas where water sources are scarce.

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