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Completed Projects ( summary )

Completed Projects ( summary )

  • Promoting Pro-Poor Value Chains and Agricultural Marketing in Amaro Woreda
  • Burji Integrated Food Security Project
  • Consolidation of Community Empowerment in Tehulederie
  • Sustainable land management in Sherat Micro-catchment of the Gonjy Watershed
  • Recovery and Resilience Building Project for Nyangatom Woreda SNNPRS
  • Recovery and Resilience Program for Dasenech Woreda, South Omo Zone of Ethiopia
  • Goncha Siso Enesie Capacity Development Program
  • Building Resilient Communities to Drought Risks and Disaster in five kebeles of Dilo Woreda
  • Enhancing the Resilience of Pastoralist Communities to Drought Risk in Dillo Woreda, Borena Zone of Oromia National Regional State (DRR-4)
  • Rebuilding Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralist Livelihood in Borena, Ethiopia (RISE) Project
  • Debate Community Capacity Development Program
  • Small Scale Irrigation Development with Solar Energy at Dassenech Woreda
  • Community Capacity Development Project (CCDP) in
  • Dassenech Woreda, PPA II
  • Dhasanech Community Capacity Development Program, Ethiopia
  • Dhasanech Community Productive Capacity Enhancement Project
  • Dassenech Community Capacity Development Project (PPA III)
  • Amaro Integrated Food Security Program(2001- 2010)Impact Catalogue
  • Agricultural Market Growth Bulla Value Chain in Amaro
  • Debate Community Capacity Development Program phase II

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