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Community Based Institution Building Strategy

Community Based Institution Building Strategy

Agri-Service Ethiopia (ASE) has adopted a broad-based development strategy, with a view to making sure that its development efforts bear the desired fruit: sustainable development. A broad-based development strategy is a strategy that helps firmly anchor development efforts so that they will result in continuous interventions. It is widely believed that this strategy will ensure the sustainability of the development activities that ASE is currently undertaking with support from outsiders and thereby make a significant contribution to the empowerment of communities. A community is said to have been truly empowered only if and when it has a self-reliant, vibrant and pro-poor community institution that takes the lead in all pertinent and result-oriented development initiatives at the grassroots level.

ASE has no doubt whatsoever that its food-security and poverty eradication interventions will go beyond solving the problems that its targeted communities are plagued by at the momentprovided that the communities themselves actively participate in the decision-making process at all the different stages of these interventions. So long as the communities rise to the challenge of actively participating in everything that pertains to these interventions as equal partners to ASE, nothing can prevent the interventions from bearing the fruit they are meant to bear. That, at any rate, is what ASE believes.

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