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Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

ASE involves the key partners: the community, local government partners and other CSs, in the process of programme formulation, periodic monitoring, review and reflection and evaluation exercises. In order to make sure that the pertinent stakeholders are actively participating and duly playing a role in decision-making and also develop indicators and mechanisms that will help the monitor and evaluation process.


Resource is always scares. There also exist different strategies to achieve a given goal. Planning therefore helps to make choices among alternative course of action, given the limited resources against defined set of objectives. Like wise, any plan with out M&E is a futile exercise. M&E system should be an integral part of any plan and helps to define and clarify the starting and end points; ensures whether the direction set is walked on and the desired goals are achieved. It is a continuous tracking, assurance and learning processes that will help to improve things and successfully achieve results. Further, it brings knowledge to influence future thinking and action.

This M&E plan is therefore developed and integrated as part of the Strategic Plan (2015 – 2019).

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